Friday, February 6, 2015

Damn you scale!

My weigh in today was not great. I am up 2 lbs. I was prepared for this, and started looking back over the last week..... While my workouts were great, my diet was not. On Friday I was SO excited I'd made it 30 days without pizza that I promptly ate a bunch of pizza. No bueno. I did, however get a run in the day after. 2.5 miles. The most I have run in ages! However then I went home and had more pizza. I didn't track my food at all this week either. And I ran out of my flat bread wraps, so I'll be getting there today to get more. I also REALLY indulged on Wed. I ended up at an old favorite for dinner. A local burger joint. Where I had a huge burger and fries. and then a big icecream sunday with peanut butter and hot fudged. First of all, the burger wasn't nearly as good as I remembered. So not worth it. I had the worst case of gut rot after and hated how I felt. The ice cream, though, was amazing. Oh we also had the super bowl last Sunday and I made chocolate chip bars for it. After I ate like half the batter. AHHHH. So, my plan: I am tracking. Already I feel better. Tracking,and just sticking with what works. The same breakfast, lunch and snacks each day, and a dinner that might be a little more lose in the calories, but I will have earned it. Here's to losing 7 lbs in feb to make up for the 2 I gained.