Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Thanksgiving recap

***I have been horrible about taking pictures. I am vowing to be better about that!***

This year we decided to spend Thanksgiving in my home town. Sparta, WI. It's a cozy little town along the Wisconsin/Minnesota boarder. And it has been WAY too long since I've been home.

We had planned to leave as soon as Will was done with school on Wed. Little did I know, there was no school on Wed. WOW. good going, mom! So, Will and Brett spent the day together while I slaved away at work. As soon as the clock struck three, we loaded up in the car and hit the road. The traffic was not too bad, and we made good time.

As soon as we got to town we headed to my favorite Sparta resturant: The Fox Hole Pub. It's been there for a zillion years. Probably since the inception of our town. And I LOVE it! Now that it's non smoking Will can enjoy all its goodness too. My old friend, Erin was working so I got to visit with her briefly.

Thursday was THANKSGIVING! I got up early and then went for a 5 mile run through town. The runs through town (not a play on words) always take longer than expected. I'll stop and look at my old house, or stop and visit an old haunt. There's always so many memories and so many things to revisit. After that, Will and I made a pumpkin pie and I made some mashed taters. MMM. delish. We had a nice spread and an early lunch. After words, Will and I went to the playground at the elementary school I went to. That is the only place I got any pictures!

                I can't believe this thing still exhists. It's original from when I was in school there!
      As he jumped down from this he nailed his head on one of the bars. Wonderful time at the park!

Friday, we got up and lazed around. Then we went to visit my Grandma. We spent a little time with her and then headed out to the lovely unincorporated village of Cataract to spend time with my BFF and her family. We were pretty low key, just hanging out and visiting. And on Saturday they had a late Thanksgiving with family, so we went back into town and did some shopping and had lunch with my friends, Kristin and Debbie who I have not seen in ages!

Saturday night, one of my good friends was a contestant in the LaCrosse Dancing With The Stars. So we went to cheer him on. AND HE WON! It was a blast!!!!!

All in all, It was a wonderful trip back. I am glad to be home though. The dog missed us, I think :)

Monday, November 19, 2012

I better get back on the wagon

I had a bad eating weekend. Kind of. Well, mainly I did ok, but I didn't exercise to my full capacitcy last week. Primairly because my bootcamp kicked my ass last week and I felt sore for many days following. I did get some really good runs and weigh lifting sessions in though so it wasn't a total loss. But it is Thanksgiving this week and there will be food and snacks for days.

Will and I went out for dinner on Friday with some friends. I ate a burger and fries and didn't feel guilt. I got up and ran 3.05 miles and lifted weights. Then I had a light lunch and Will and I went to Racine to see a perfromance by the Chineese Acrobats. Kinda corny, but not too bad. Afterwords, I had the ladies in for a Perfectly Posh party. That stuff is AMAZING! After everyone left, my sweet friends from Appleton who drove down for it, and I went to a corner bar for a couple of drinks. I kid you not, we were there for several hours. I had a bloody mary and then 3 beers. Nursing every one of them. Yesterday I felt so gross and hung over. I went to McDonald's for a greasy breakfast. For lunch, I had a meal of movie theater popcorn. I didn't eat a ton and it was certainly not worth the money (or the calories!) I started to not feel well during the movie. Was it the popcorn??? I decided I needed more grease and made a frozen pizza and some bread sticks. Brett came back from hunting and had a bunch of the yummiest donuts left over. I'll be having one today :) I am also on board for a run and lift tonight. Tomorrow I have my outside run and then bootcamp.

Wed we are heading to my Dad's for the holiday. I am doing my own Turkey Trot on Thursday since there isn't one in town. SHAME ON THEM :) So, I'll have to just do home workouts while I am on vacation :)

Friday, November 16, 2012


I had big news last weekend and I never got on here to blog about it. LAME!!! I stepped on the scale and weighed in at 161.2, that is almost a 5 lbs loss. And I can feel it. My clothes are already a little bit more comfortable. I've gained back some of my self confidence, and actually went up into the weight room all week instead of hiding out in the woman's only room. (not that it's really hiding out, but I was falling into a pattern of only being in there.... I wanted to branch out). Boot camp has been so beneficial for me. Not only is it super intense, it leaves me sore for days! The trainer who puts this together is so great! He pushes us to the max and beyond. It is just what I need. Now, I'll look at the dumbbells and where I would have normally choses something lighter, I now up the weight. Or, I attempt more cardio (I ran an extra 5 minutes yesterday and almost cried, I was so excited), extra burpees (BARF! Literally!) Or just add cardio spurts into my weight training. I have also attempted Crossfit a few times and am loving that! I like to do that once a week or so, but no more.

So, that was my big news. When I hit the 10lb loss marker, I'll take new pictures.

In other news, last weekend was my first ever ME ALONE WEEKEND! Since Will was born I have not spent time at home alone. I've gone places alone, but that's always with something to do in mind. This was me. alone. no plans! Well, not really. I did have a nice dinner with a couple of girlfriends. I slept in on Sunday until 7:30. You don't understand, that's a HUGE thing as I am normally up by 6 no matter what! I had a nice breakfast with my friend, and over it we discussed the book, Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn. EXCELLENT read if you have not already checked it out. And then I attended a baby shower.

This weekend the old dude is taking off again to go hunt Bambi. And Will and I are prepping for Thanksgiving. How is that NEXT week already!!!!

Friday, November 9, 2012

Damn garbage people!

Ok, I admit. I am terrible when I back out of the garage. I am forever knocking stuff over because I am too close to it, or I run over the garbage cans. and in my defense, when Brett puts the garbage out, it is in a specific spot PER INSTRUCTIONS from our city. However, the minute the garbage man touches the can those instructions are out the window and they just toss it whereever. So, half the time it's in the middle of the driveway.

BUT this one, pictured below, was not my fault. Yes it is about the 5th can we've had to buy to replace the ones I run down but this time the garbage man tossed it aside and it was a particularly windy day, so it took a roll down the street and did probably get run over, but just not by me.

My next car will have one of those fancy cameras so I can see when backing out.....

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Make New Friends and Keep The Old

I have lived in my town for almost 9 years now. And until recently I never knew a soul in my neighborhood. I've longed for neighbors where our kids are friends and they can run around the hood together. I've longed to have a neigbor I can call a friend. I've longed for this for so many years. And now, it's happening!

Will started Kindergarten last year. I was very fortunate to meet a few moms, and even more fortunate to be able to now call them my friends. Over the summer, it was nice. Will played baseball and his team were all kids from his school. So, I got to meet more parents. Some were wonderful, some I could really do without :) But as time has gone on and he's doing more I am meeting more people and developing my own friendships.

Last weekend we went on a camping trip with the Boy Scouts. It was the perfect time for me to get to know, not only our den better, but the parents as well. I could not have left feeling better about that trip. I feel a great sense of community and belonging. I feel like I finally know my neighbors and really like them. We are creating our life here in our town and I am slowly losing the urge to move back home where my childhood is, and my best friend lives. Jessie, don't think this means I am not looking for a way for us to still live next door to each other :) It will happen. Before we are roommates in Shady Pines :)

Here are some pictures from our awesome camp out.

                                          Here is all of our pack that made the trip.
                                                    Our bunks for the weekend
                                                               Our Den
                                                  This is from a trip to the fire station
                                                  Oh sneeky picture. Totally not post related.
                                                    Will and Danny getting firewood.

Friday, November 2, 2012

My week

It has been an interesting one. For starters I had to miss my bootcamp on Tuesday and ended up at Urgent Care with the beginnings of a URI. ick. anyway, 3 days of meds and I am back to normal. I did manage to run about 2.5 miles on Wed and then my normal 3 yesterday.

Yesterday, I also ventured in to unchartered territory for myself: Crossfit training. I'm going to try and incorporate some of it into my weekly training. Just to keep things mixed up. Yesterday's workout went like this:

3 mile run. NO WALKING!

21 deadlifts, 50 lbs
21 push press, 20lb dumb bells
50 squats

15 deadlifts
21 pushpress
50 squats

9 deadlifts
9 pushpress
50 squats

1 min (x2) dead bug on bosu
v sit on bosu
arms to toes
hip thrusts
russian twists

And I leave you, today with this gem.

                                       I am just not sure about him dressing himself. Ha ha!