Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Today is looking up

For starters, my tail bone feels so much better. I have been moving up and down the stairs with only minimal fears of falling.

I worked out after work. Will and I have been shut in's since last Wed, with the exception of his dr appt friday and me going to hang out with my music friends and watch a show Fri night. Oh, and I did take a class on Sunday. Regardless, we're usually out and about way more. Will is fully recovered and needed to burn some energy. We went to tthe gym. I did a 30 minute bike ride on the recumbent bike and lifted weights. Will went to the kid gym and horsed around.

Today, we got a new water heater. Which means HOT WATER! I can shower at home. We can do laundy and wash dishes!!! I tried to take a whore's bath in the sink yesterday, kind of. I tried to wash my hair and the water was so cold it gave me a headache.

Today, life feels much better. Much more back to normal.

I have bootcamp tonight. I can't wait. Exercise is one thing that keeps me sane! Missing more than half my week's workouts over the last week was not good. So, I am just keeping my head up and forging ahead.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Well, I was on track.

Here's the problem with starting the new year off fresh and getting my 5 days a week workouts in: THE FLU HITS. and not me. but my son. So, I am home taking care of him. Brett is working. I can't escape to the gym for my normal workouts, but I am also not the one who is sick. So I sit around and snack. And tomorrow is my weigh in for bootcamp. I'd wanted to be down about 5 more lbs from where we left off and now I doubt that's happened.

And to make matters worse, it's been about the shittiest of shitty weekends. Will is sick, but that's not the worst of it. The worst is they put him on Tamiflu and he reacted terribly to it. Yesterday he was 95% improved, no symptoms in over 24 hours. So I call the useless nurse advisor line and ask if I can stop this as it's making him worse when he is clearly better. She got all high and mighty with me, talking me in circles about having it flavored so the taste won't bother him. OK THAT IS NOT MY QUESTION OR PROBLEM! He took it down, the problem is his body totally rejected it and he'd throw it back up. So he wasn't getting any of the benefits anyway. This woman had me on the phone for 35 minutes and then her advice was a hostile, well you just have to do what you're most comfortable with. I said, well I don't know what that is. That's why I am calling you for answers. She launched into this speech about the taste again. OK, I am not talking about the taste! I finally just said, I am hanging up with you now. I am calling my mom who is a nurse and she can probably give me more logical advice. Thank you. Nightmare 1.

Nightmare 2. The water heater decided to end its life and flood the basement on Sat. Not terribly, but enough that it was annoying. So, Brett went to Sears (put on your Sunday best, kids. We're going to Sears!) and got us a new one. Under the guarentee it would be here, installed today. Yeah. That guarentee fell through because whoever they contracted it out to had a death in the family and can't do it until tomorrow. So then it becomes OUR responsibility to call and find someone?? what shit is that!!! Anywho.... I was able to deal. Until this morning....

Nightmare 3: Mind you we have not had any hot water since Saturday night. The vomiting has stopped and that laundry was all done. Then this morning, I was carrying my contacts to the bathroom downstairs that has running (even if its cold) water, and I could brush my teeth and put my eyes on. Yeah. I fell down the entire flight of stairs. My tailbone and my head hurt so badly right now, all I want to do is crawl back into bed and cry. Or take a nice hot bath and let calgon take me away. BUT I can't even take a normal shower! Oh no. It's a whores bath in the sink today. SEXY!

So, I am really hoping I can get a workout in this evening and not be as huge as I feel for tomorrow's weigh in.

That's my sob story for the weekend.


Thursday, January 10, 2013

It's a new year!

So, a brief recap of our Christmas: It was wonderful! Part of the reason I haven't blogged in a month is that I have been overwhelmed with what pictures to post and what stories to share about Christmas. I decided to scrap all that and just sum it up and then start with where I am today, on Jan 10th, 2013

Christmas was so great. We had a quiet day at home. In the afternoon Brett's parents, siblings and our friend and her son came to join us. We had more presents and food and a lovely time.

New Years: AWESOME. We went bowling with another family that we've become good friends with. It was such a blast. We bowled and then went for ice cream. I don't even try to stay up until midnight anymore. Maybe next year :)


The past few weeks, I've done lots of reflecting about my "getting fit" journey. I am on the right track. I've pushed past 3 miles in my runs and am slowly working up to 4 miles. I have understood that I really need to get my diet in line in order to really start shedding some lbs. I think by the end of my last boot camp, I kind of had it figured out, and now I am going full force. I have never been one to "eat clean." I like to eat healty: I have a bowl of cereal (something like Special K or Wheaties), or granola and yogurt for breakfast. For lunch I have a salad: greens, a piece of boiled chicken, shredded, assorted veggies and some italian dressing. If I am still hungry after that, a piece of cheese. For my dinner, I am eating the same thing as my family. I refuse to cook 2 meals. I take the recipy, and on the advice of another blogger, I skinny them up: low sugars, low calorie, low fat. Things like that. The past 2 weeks have proven successful.

I missed the first night of bootcamp on Tuesday. I had to go get a filling refilled at the dentist. Boo hoo. I much rather would have been getting my ass handed to me in bootcamp then a tooth drilled. But I am ready to go for next week.

Each workout is trial and error. I am still trying to find what works the best for me, now, at this age and in the shape that I am in. What worked for me 5 or 10 years ago isn't now, so I am making the necessary changes.

At the gym I have an hour 3 days a week, a little longer on the weekends if I get up early and go. I have a hard time sacrificing family time, so I sneak it in where I can. I know for sure that I want to start getting in 35-40 minutes of cardio, but then that leaves me with 20 minutes for weights. Both are equally important. So, I juggle and find the balance. 35 minutes of cardio, 30 min of weight? a long run 1 day a week? 40 minutes cardio 20 minutes abs? Its all a process. And I am grateful to the blogging community because I have found a handful of very useful blogs that are encouraging, and have workouts already written out. I sure take them and use them :)

Goals for 2013:

I want to get in half marathon shape, I don't know if I want to pay and run one. I am feeling a little anti-organized running right now, but that could change.
I have 25 lbs to drop, and I'd love to do it by my birthday.
Blog more.
Lotsa family and fun time.
Oh, and.... school....

Until next time :)