Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Fashion Forward Willie!

               Will loves the pop collar. He told me this was a sailer outfit. He's so into high fashion!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Halloween 2

Will decided he wanted to be a vampire this year. I was kind of glad. Something not so video game specific. He was Luigi last year from Mario Brothers and then also had a huge Thomas the Train obsession. Anyway, those were all cute, but he went a different route this year and had a blast with it! I had fun doing his makeup. It made me think I've missed my calling, ha ha!

He got to wear this costume 3 times, but I forgot my camera all times except for Trick r Treating. Our city is also lame and they do it the Sunday before Halloween. I kind of miss going out on Halloween night. My hometown still does that. It leaves me very jeally.

         Jack, Will and I before we left to Trick or Treat. Brett stayed behind to watch football. LAME!
                                                    My little vampire. Oh so spooky!
                                                       Trick R Treat! Our first stop.
                          Mr. Vampire running off into the night. Well, just to get more candy.

Halloween #1

I spent the past 2 weekends doing Halloween things. Last weekend was a Halloween dance at Will's school, and I forgot my camera! It was so stinking cute and fun too! This weekend, we had a city wide Halloween party. We went with our friends who just moved to town and their baby. Then, I ditched the fam, put on my Amish garb and went to Rockford to see the fabulous Miles Nielsen and the Rusted Hearts. If you have not heard their music before, I highly suggest you give them a listen. Such awesome tunes and in turn, I've made some wonderful friends at the shows. So, the main gang met in Rockford for a night of good music, good friends and good fun.

                                 I was on my rumspringer, so I wore makeup and had a beer.
                                                       My friend, Amber and I :)
                            Amber as a flapper, Jill as Miles Nielsen and me as the Amish chick
                          The band showed up in some kind of creepy, yet well done makeup
Here's a few of the Rusted Hearts. I was trying to get Daxx, as the taco, but this stand kept getting in the way.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Tuesday's workout

I have started running outside again a couple of times a week. On Tuesdays, I am in a 1 hour VERY intense boot camp. In the past, I would run for a half an hour right before. This time I decided that due to time constraints, and wanting to have good energy for the class, I would do my runs outside on my lunch break.

Yesterday, I got ready. I hemmed and hawed if I should run or take my dog for a walk instead Finally, I just stuck my ear buds in and started my music and went for it. I ran an oldie, but goodie route through the neighborhood that is right around 3 miles. It was a very gloomy day, but I thought to myself, I just HAVE to do this run. I need to push through and over come odds that have held me back in the past. Like, I would NEVER run in the elements in the past. I needed sun and decent temps. Enough of that. I want to run outside, so I am going to. I wasn't quite half way through the run when the sky opened up and it started to pour. AHHHHHH. Well, what did that mean for me? Those spots when I'd normally walk for a minute, I pushed through and ran. Probably faster than I normally would have too!

Then, at 5:30 I was at my bootcamp. Honestly, this guy pushes us to the max and beyond. One thing I've done in this class a couple times already, and previously with my old trainer was an exercise with a heavy rope where you try to make it ripple. I don't know how else to explain it, and the first time I saw this exercise was when Kim Kardashian graced the cover of Muscle and Fitness Hers. Not that I find anyone who has a workout DVD called Get Into Those Jeans By Friday (and her picture on the back is workout gear with knee high boots???) a fitness expert, but this workout looked brutal. AND IT IS!

Check it out here:

I am really feeling the burn today. On top of that I whapped my ankle on my desk yesterday and it's nicely bruised. AHHHH. I am not giving up though. I am going to walk the pooch at lunch and then head over to the gym for the next 2 days right after work. My goal is to get 5 days of exercise in. So far, I am on track for that.

Happy Wednesday!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

My weekend ROCKED!

First of all, I got on the scale and saw I'd lost 1 pound today. Not a lot, but I did have some splurges during the week.

Last night, on a whim (which was planned on Thursday) my friend, Caitlin and I went to see an author we just love: Emily Giffin. She's written books such as Something Borrowed, Heart of the Matter, and Where We Belong.

She couldn't have been nicer and so much fun to visit with.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Friday Love

This is Will and Jack. Jack came to live with us a little over a month ago. He has been a great fit for our family, and Will adores him.

It's Friday Friday Friday!

Rebecca Black's Friday pops into my head every Friday morning. I have attached the video so you can have the same tune running through your head as well :)

It's been kind of a busy week. Kind of, but at the same time not. Yesterday I had skipped the gym because I was meeting someone after work to buy some leapster games for Will for Christmas. It was a bust. I got there and though I had told the woman what kind of a leapster he had, she didn't tell me they weren't compatible. So, that was a half hour wasted. But on the flip side, all my new makeup had arrived, so I got to play around and experiment with that. LOVE IT!

I went in on Wed for a haircut. It turns out the woman who owns the salon (It was a new salon for me) is a fellow scouts den leader who I had just met. So, on Thursday, I got 3 new friend requests on Facebook from new friends I've met through Will's school or scouts. It made me feel very good. I've longed to move back to my small town for a few years now. Now that I am meeting people here, I am no longer feeling that.

Tonight my BFF is coming to town! We have been friends since we met in 7th grade. I love her! She still lives in our home town, and is the one big reason I'd want to move home. Anyway, they will stay with ys tonight and go to the Halloween dance at Will's school. Tomorrow, W and I are going to the bookfair and then he has a football game. I plan to workout in the AM before the bookfair. I am also hoping we can carve pumpkins too.

And this is my pinterest dinner plan for tomorrow. Holla!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Wacky Wed

Bootcamp last night was great. This has been the kick in the pants I needed to get myself back on track. We had our measurements taken and I forgot to ask for a copy of them, so I will take my own and add them in.

I an attempt to reclaim me, I have an appointment for a hair cut tonight, and then the Little Dude and I have a dinner date at Baker's Square. Not the best of choices, but I do love my time with him, and he's earned this dinner date.

My plan for today: run on my lunch break. I did just under 3 miles yesterday outside and it felt so great! Because of my haircut tonight, I am going to do a Jillian Michaels video after work, then I will have to quick shower and pick up Will from school. I CAN'T WAIT!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

My Mom Cracks Me Up

My Mom and Step Dad came to visit about a month ago. My sister had given her a couple books to give to me. (They all live in AZ, I am in Wisconsin). My Mom is not a reader at all. She might get a book and it will take her a year to read it.

Anyway, we were out on a walk and she starts telling me about this book my sister gave her and she started reading it and was really liking it. Later, I saw it in her bag. It was MY book. And she had a book marker in it showing how far into it she was.

I took this picture to text it to my sister, saying OMG Mom is reading!

I believe a month later, she might be half way through it now! Awesome!

Taking Care of YOU!

I had a great talk with a good friend of mine yesterday. Our visit led to splurging out ourselves occasionally. Now that we have kids, it seems like we put their needs first (obvi!) but sometimes we let our needs/wants slide for way too long.

Example: I keep buying cheap clothes/makeup for myself and cutting my hair 2 times a year. I have shorter hair that needs to be trimmed every few months. My cheap clothing, I always end up having to return because it shrinks after 1 wash to the point where I can't wear it, or it falls apart. Now, I don't need to be spending a sh** ton on jeans and tops, but I do need to seek out better quality clothes. As for my makeup, I don't mind the drugstore stuff for some items, but as far as moisturizer, baby lotion is just not cutting it for my face anymore. I need to take care of ME! This means putting a little more into my appearance. I work from home, and usually in my pj's. I will take a shower quick after work before I pick Will up from school, or I go right to the gym after work and pick him up at after school care in my sweaty gym clothes. Ok, that's fine. I don't mind people seeing me after I've just killed it in the gym. And I am not saying I need to spend hours getting my hair/makeup/outfit right, but it makes me feel better to spend a little time and a smidge of my hard earned money on me :)

I did go a little crazy and order a bunch of new makeup from Sephoria. I also had a gift card to Macy's and don't necessairly need anything for the house, so I splurged on MAC cosmetics. I do refuse to buy clothing until I fit comfortably into what I currently own.

OH, and for the record, the scouts meeting went just fine last night and I ROCKED it in my uniform :)


Monday, October 15, 2012

I'm going to be in trouble

My husband might be ready to steal my plastic from me. Last night, I felt the need to order a bunch of makeup from Sephoria. Today, I ordered these 2 gems from Ruffles With Love on Etsy.

LMFAO inspired I Workout Racerback Work-out Tank Top

Shut Up and Run Racerback Work-out Tank Top

I think that for so many years I have spent the bare minimum on myself. Yesterday, I took my son to the mall (I never go to the mall, other than Barnes and Noble.) I haven't just strolled around a mall in ages. So long in fact, that there is now a Maurices at my mall. MY FAVORITE STORE EVER! I didn't spend a dime there. Instead I got Will the socks, jeans and sweater he needed. Last night, I decided to splurge on myself. I am also going in for a hair cut on Wed at a new salon. Woot Woot! Stay tuned for the New Me pics.

(I can't wait until I can go clothes shopping. NOTHING until I lose though.)

Monday workout

There are some days I just need to take a break from running and the gym. I have my son in after school care 3 days a week. Those days plus at least 1 weekend day I hit the gym. The off days, I take it down a notch. Today, I am not gym-ing it as I have too much running around to get ready for tonight. BUT, that doesn't mean I won't workout. I am taking my dog on about a 40 minute walk and then I will do this workout later on today.

I don't own kettlebells, and I substitute a 15lb free weight instead. I still get great benefits from it.

I am hoping this will also help me work through my anxiety and fear of being the Den mom tonight :)


Manic Monday

Today, my co-leader and I have our very first Den meeting for our sons' Tiger Scouts. Holy SH** what did I get myself into? And more importantly, why am I freaking out! It's first grade boys. 10 of them. I think I am freaking out because the parents will also be there and I am terrified of doing something wrong. I have such bad stage freight. Oh why oh why did I volunteer for this!!!! AHHHHH.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Sunday Stats

I am 5'6 and a half.

I weighed in today at 165.8. Honestly, I'd love to lose 30 lbs. Here are my first public pics baring it all. Never mind the horrible photography. You can see what I am talking about, at least. Oh and for the record, my green shorts in the almost death half marathon pics don't fit me right now.

This may or may not look like alot. But keep in mind, I've been a fitness fanatic for about 10 years, so I do have a lot of muscle, giving me a "smaller" appearance. However, now there's a good 20 lbs of fat on top of that. Fat! Be gone!

And this is my former toned self. I miss her

Ok, there's my motivation for the day. I am off to kill it in the gym and then take my little guy to barnes and noble. A long time sunday tradition of ours :)


Sunday Thoughts

I have decided that I need to do the inevitable and face the scale. AHHHHH. I started a bootcamp class at my gym last week and on Tuesday we are going to be taking our measurements. Maybe if I actually face the scale and take my "before" pictures, I will actually be motivated enough to get my ass into shape. I miss being in shape. I miss my favorite jeans that I refuse to give up because they're 3 sizes too small.

Last weekend I spent time with one of my oldest and most favorite people on the planet. We know her as PP :) PP has been on an incredible journey over the past couple of years. She has dropped weight in a very healthy way and is now sharing in my love for running. Well, the love I used to have, and then one I am trying to get back. Talk with PP has really inspired me to just do it! Just get back into running and go. I love the way I feel when I am done. I need to, however, break the 3 mile mark. In order to do so, I am going to start training for a half marathon. I'd like to do one next fall. I am going to share pictures from my last half marathon that has forever turned me off to organized running in the summer time. The Rock n Sole half marathon in Milwaukee Wisconsin. July 2011. My cousin and friend and I ran it. Well, Joanna ran all of it. Alissa (the most seasoned runner of all of us) ran most and I ran all but the last 5 miles. O.M.G!! It was the worst run ever. And it was partly because the event planners sucked. We were out of gatorade by the 2nd water station (mile 4). It was way to humid and hot to run. And the run didn't start until like 9:30. Generally the longer runs start at 7 or so. People were dropping like flies. It was honestly very scary. I had my phone in my spibelt and pulled off the course once to text my husband and say I was never running again. However, I finished.

The longest run ever! 3 hours to finish. My norm is 2.25!

There you have it. My last half marathon. I am deeming 2013 as my comeback year. Those other 2 hookers have both gone on to run the Chicago Marathon. God! I wish! One day. It's on my bucket list.

Here is a picture from my first and favorite run, the LaCrosse Oktoberfest Maple Leaf half marathon. I seriously cried when I finished. Then I recovered. I had one leg that was seriously twitching for like an hour after the race. And I mean the leg had a mind of its own! Once I recovered, Joanna (pink shorts above) and I went to Del's bar for a bloody mary and then met our families for a parade. I am thinking this will be my comeback run.

Notice my shirt. I am a diehard Andy Samberg fan. I used to wear this at all my races. I gotta support my favorite comedians,, yo!

Anyway, I best get myself changed and ready for a run. Inside. it's rainy and gloomy here.


Friday, October 12, 2012

Hi from Will

hi this is will. i like mario

And that was a message from the Little Dude, Will.

Working out

I have been an avid runner for years. 2 years ago I decided I wanted to do a half marathon. I signed up for it and started traning. It was an amazing experience and I was so glad I did it. I ended up running 2 more and then lost interest, and had a back injury. I am trying to get back into the runner's groove. I don't know if I will do any more organized runs, but I want to start running for distance again.

So, today I am going to run 3 miles on the treadmill. I've been trying to do that 3-4 times a week. I can't do more than 3 miles for some reason. I lose steam. However, on Sunday I might shoot for 5 and make that my abs day as well.

I've also got my own library of workout materials for putting together my workouts. Cardio, sometimes I run, do sprints, ride the bike... I do a half hour of this. No matter what. Though a trainer at my gym just said I should up that to 45 minutes. With my schedule, though that's hard to do. Whatever, I'll figure it out :)

I use things like Oxygen magazine, Fitness magazine, books, web... whatever I can get my hands on. I also used to workout with the greatest trainer. She is no longer training at my gym, but she always wrote out the workouts for me so I have them stored away too. Most recently I've been using this website, (if this doesn't work let me know). The workouts are fantastic! Lately, I've found I don't like working out in the gym and prefer the woman's only area. They've recently remodeled it to have more weights, bands, and open space. So, until I start losing and get closer to my goal, I am using all the gym toys and less of the stationary weights.

Fashion Statement Friday!

No, ha ha. Not about me. I couldn't be a fashionista if I tried. Will, however, has taken to dressing himself in some very interesting outfits.

We tried to tell him that polos and wind pants don't mix. But what do we know! We've only been around 29 years more than him. And then I saw him putting on crocs with this fine outfit. Thank goodness we live in a city referred to as "Dirty Stallis." He'd never fit in in the more trendy burbs. He is so sweet though. He let me take this incriminating photo and I do plan to share it with his lady friends in the years to come.


Welcome to my blog

Hello, and welcome. I am Carrie Zagzebski, or Miss Zag. I have been blogging off and on for the past several years, and have taken way too much time away from it. I am hoping to use this blog as a way to document many things: My life, my family and my weight loss. That's right, folks. You heard it here first. Miss Zag needs to drop a good 25 lbs ASAP!!!

A little bit about me: I am a wife to Brett, and a Mom to Will. They are referred to as the dudes. Or the Big Dude and the Little Dude. We recently adopted a 3 year old German Shepard mix named Jack. He is wonderful and has been a great addition to our family. I work full time and am also a college kid. I am working towards a master's degree in the field of Grief and Bereavement. It's very interesting to me. I am also an avid gym rat. I love to run (well, not really but I LOVE the runner's high and the way I feel when I am done!) I love testing my limits. One day, I'd love to have a career in fitness. I also love to read. I am a real book nerd. I love music and going to concerts. I prefer small venues and bars over the arena shows.

I look forward to sharing my life with you. It's a boring one, but I try to make it fun. Ha ha!