Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Tough Love

There comes a time when you need to just get tough with yourself. For me, I work out regularly and I work out hard. I run usually 3 miles on the tredmill, with a longer run of 5 miles or more once a week. I lift weights, I do crazy workouts. My scale is barely budging. They say abs are made in the kitchen, right? Well, mine certainly are. I've been living on pizza this summer, and I've gone out drinking more than I have in a long time. Oh and I refused to step on the scale. Not weighing yourself can be good in some regards, but for me I need to weigh in. Sure my clothes fit fine, but I am not at my goal weight yet so I need to keep checking in. I haven't weighed myself since early June. After my last weigh in, I went in for that Mammo that came back with a lump. So, that set off a week of emotional eating, not caring and not exercising. I think I ate pizza every day that week. No joke. When I got my results back, I sat up drinking wine and beer and celebrating. Then hitting up McDonald's the next day. barf. I never stepped on the scale again after that. Recently, I've felt more jiggly and bloated. My clothes feel fine, but I don't if that makes sense. I've been trying to keep a healthy diet this summer, but then ice cream ends up in my hands, and I get the urge for some pizza so we go with it.... I've been enjoying the "good" things too often this summer. And I need to reign it in! I can't let my son's diet be this out of control, or I will be to blame if he becomes over weight. He is young yet so it is still up to me to make sure he's eating well. Mostly, he does but he enjoys gatorade way too often. He enjoys concession stand food a little too much ( we lived at the ball park this summer for Little League). I've reached my breaking point. I have decided I need to instill tough love on myself. This means that every morning, not weekly, not monthly.... EVERY morning, I have to weigh my self. I am paying too much money for the gym to not see any results. I am working out to the point that I should see results. For me it is ALL my diet. So, I'm making changes to my diet to include, pizza no more than 1 time every other week (I'd like to say once a month, but lets be realistic. Pizza is a staple to me. ha ha!)Ice cream has to be a occasional treat. Its time to hit the Farmer's Market and get more fresh veggies and fruits into out bellies. I thought about getting up an hour earlier and adding in an additional 30 minute workout DVD, but I struggle with that. For so many years, I was up at 4:30 in order to be at the gym and on the treadmill by 5 am. I think I burned myself out on that. And honestly, I like stying up late to read, or watch tv or whatever the case may be. So, I hopped on the scale today for my day one weigh in. What do you know..... I haven't gained ONE lb. So, this just goes to show that you FEEL so much better when you're eating well and not living on pizza and ice cream, as I have been. I want to be realistic about this, I love pizza. I have an excellent home made recipe that is much healthier than ordering from a pizza place. Ok, so if I want pizza, make it at home. I try to eat healthy vs clean. Clean is fine, but there are some foods that I just want to eat and don't want to eliminate. I try and keep the sugar count low, the whole grain count high, fat and calories to a minimum. I've been using several resourses such as clean-ish recipes on pinterest and things like that.... So, here's to turning a new leaf. Hopefully, by the end of the year I am where I want to be or much closer to it!!

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