Thursday, June 20, 2013

Book Love

Besides running/gym time, another hobby of mine is reading. I have a few authors that I love to follow. I also have about 3 big piles of books I've picked up over the months that I need to get through. But then my faves will come out with a new book and I'll have 3 coming in from the library at once and new releases are usually just a 7 day check out.

I am trying to get through the newest Harlen Coben book, Six Years. It sounds SOOOOO good. yet, I can't read it in just 7 days. Grrrr. I have to keep returning it and reserving it again.

One of my newest faves, Chevy Stevens has a book that just came out on Tuesday. If you have not read her stuff yet and love thrillers, I highly reccomend her other 2 books. The newest is called Always Watching.

Another series I love is a series by Linda Castillio. It's an Amish crime series. The 4th book was just released and I am anxiously awaiting it to come into my library for me! Hers are books I can generally read in a weekend.

For the record, I can not get into my 5 AM gym groove anymore because I love to stay up late and read my books and watch The Big Bang Theory.

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