Tuesday, December 11, 2012

A little fun

I've been a little busy the past couple weeks and swear I will catch up on my blog, to include pictures from our Bainebski Christmas Extravaganza a couple weeks ago, and a fun boy scouts event that took place last week.

But until then, The ABCs Of Me

A- My AIR CONDITIONER is set on: Are you crazy! It's Wintertime in Wisconsin. That thing is set at 70 because I like to keep it roasty toasty up in here!
B- My BEDROOM theme is:paisley and owls. I love owls. Not the real owls, they're creepy but pictures, drawings... etc
C- The CAR in the driveway is:  Brett's. He's too lazy to pull in to the garage most nights.
D- My DESK looks:My work desk is sparking..... until you open the drawers and see why the top is so clean
E- The EXACT time I wake up daily is:6:15. I roll outta bed, throw on my contacts and brush my teath and head into the office at 6:25. Luckily the office is in my basement, as I don't get dressed or shower.... that's right I sit in my PJ's all day long. It's awesome!
F- The FIRST thing I wash in the shower is: My face.
G- My GARAGE is filled with:the norm. A lawn mower, snow blower, bikes a mouse or 2.....
H- My HOUSE is: really coming together. We did a big remodel on the upstairs this year and I LOVE it. Up next, sometime, redoing the kitchen.
I- If you peeked INSIDE my bedroom you'd see: books, books and more books. I hoard them. My dad made a built in book case in my room and I had it filled in pretty much 5 minutes.
J- My favorite JUICE is:does Crystal Lite count?
K- The best part of my KITCHEN is:the brick and the aclove by the stove
L- The LAST person who visited my home was: My BFF Jessie Bainter
M- The last piece of MAIL for me was: a hometown Sparta newspaper. It made my day. womp womp
N- My NEIGHBORS think I'm: I've only met a few this year. We know all the grannies behind us, but they hibernate in the winter. legit. they're all in some warm state right now. The guy right next to us moved in about 5 years ago. We've never had a conversation with him. Luckily this year I am meeting people in my hood, so it's not so lonely over here on 96th st.

O- If you OPENED my fridge you'd see: loads of yogurt for me. Loads of gogurt for Will and several gallons of milk for Brett (the beer is in a seperate fridge warmly known as The Beer Fridge)
P- My last house PARTY was: a couple weeks ago when the Bainters were here we had a couple of other fun folks in for drinks. I don't know if that counts. We don't do it up like we used to
Q- A QUICK meal I like to fix is: TACOS!
R- My favorite ROOM of the house is: Mine. Now that it's fully functional and I have an awesome reading area in it.....
S- The SHAMPOO brand I use is: Suave right now, but I love Aveda.
T- My largest TELEVISION is: 46" of High Def goodness. We have an old heavy junker upstairs that will be replaced soon
U- UNDER my bed you will find: a dust bunny or 2
V- The last time I VACUUMED was: Daily. We have a dog. he sheds. I hate dog hair. So I vac every day. OCD, yes. Clean? Oh YES!
W- Looking out my WINDOW I see: condos behind up, the grubby railroad tracks with an occasional bum sitting on them..... our giant yard. I have so many ideas for it
X- I wish I had X-TRA: money. duh. I have so many ideas of what I could do with it!
Y- My YARD is: super large.
Z- ZZZZZZZ My bedtime is:It was always 8:30 because I'd get up at the literal crack of dawn to hit the gym. Now I am more reasonable and I go after work. Therefore, I am now a rebel who stays up until 10:30 reading a book or getting my fill of teen mom. I know, I live the life!

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