Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Thanksgiving recap

***I have been horrible about taking pictures. I am vowing to be better about that!***

This year we decided to spend Thanksgiving in my home town. Sparta, WI. It's a cozy little town along the Wisconsin/Minnesota boarder. And it has been WAY too long since I've been home.

We had planned to leave as soon as Will was done with school on Wed. Little did I know, there was no school on Wed. WOW. good going, mom! So, Will and Brett spent the day together while I slaved away at work. As soon as the clock struck three, we loaded up in the car and hit the road. The traffic was not too bad, and we made good time.

As soon as we got to town we headed to my favorite Sparta resturant: The Fox Hole Pub. It's been there for a zillion years. Probably since the inception of our town. And I LOVE it! Now that it's non smoking Will can enjoy all its goodness too. My old friend, Erin was working so I got to visit with her briefly.

Thursday was THANKSGIVING! I got up early and then went for a 5 mile run through town. The runs through town (not a play on words) always take longer than expected. I'll stop and look at my old house, or stop and visit an old haunt. There's always so many memories and so many things to revisit. After that, Will and I made a pumpkin pie and I made some mashed taters. MMM. delish. We had a nice spread and an early lunch. After words, Will and I went to the playground at the elementary school I went to. That is the only place I got any pictures!

                I can't believe this thing still exhists. It's original from when I was in school there!
      As he jumped down from this he nailed his head on one of the bars. Wonderful time at the park!

Friday, we got up and lazed around. Then we went to visit my Grandma. We spent a little time with her and then headed out to the lovely unincorporated village of Cataract to spend time with my BFF and her family. We were pretty low key, just hanging out and visiting. And on Saturday they had a late Thanksgiving with family, so we went back into town and did some shopping and had lunch with my friends, Kristin and Debbie who I have not seen in ages!

Saturday night, one of my good friends was a contestant in the LaCrosse Dancing With The Stars. So we went to cheer him on. AND HE WON! It was a blast!!!!!

All in all, It was a wonderful trip back. I am glad to be home though. The dog missed us, I think :)

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