Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Today is looking up

For starters, my tail bone feels so much better. I have been moving up and down the stairs with only minimal fears of falling.

I worked out after work. Will and I have been shut in's since last Wed, with the exception of his dr appt friday and me going to hang out with my music friends and watch a show Fri night. Oh, and I did take a class on Sunday. Regardless, we're usually out and about way more. Will is fully recovered and needed to burn some energy. We went to tthe gym. I did a 30 minute bike ride on the recumbent bike and lifted weights. Will went to the kid gym and horsed around.

Today, we got a new water heater. Which means HOT WATER! I can shower at home. We can do laundy and wash dishes!!! I tried to take a whore's bath in the sink yesterday, kind of. I tried to wash my hair and the water was so cold it gave me a headache.

Today, life feels much better. Much more back to normal.

I have bootcamp tonight. I can't wait. Exercise is one thing that keeps me sane! Missing more than half my week's workouts over the last week was not good. So, I am just keeping my head up and forging ahead.

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