Thursday, January 10, 2013

It's a new year!

So, a brief recap of our Christmas: It was wonderful! Part of the reason I haven't blogged in a month is that I have been overwhelmed with what pictures to post and what stories to share about Christmas. I decided to scrap all that and just sum it up and then start with where I am today, on Jan 10th, 2013

Christmas was so great. We had a quiet day at home. In the afternoon Brett's parents, siblings and our friend and her son came to join us. We had more presents and food and a lovely time.

New Years: AWESOME. We went bowling with another family that we've become good friends with. It was such a blast. We bowled and then went for ice cream. I don't even try to stay up until midnight anymore. Maybe next year :)


The past few weeks, I've done lots of reflecting about my "getting fit" journey. I am on the right track. I've pushed past 3 miles in my runs and am slowly working up to 4 miles. I have understood that I really need to get my diet in line in order to really start shedding some lbs. I think by the end of my last boot camp, I kind of had it figured out, and now I am going full force. I have never been one to "eat clean." I like to eat healty: I have a bowl of cereal (something like Special K or Wheaties), or granola and yogurt for breakfast. For lunch I have a salad: greens, a piece of boiled chicken, shredded, assorted veggies and some italian dressing. If I am still hungry after that, a piece of cheese. For my dinner, I am eating the same thing as my family. I refuse to cook 2 meals. I take the recipy, and on the advice of another blogger, I skinny them up: low sugars, low calorie, low fat. Things like that. The past 2 weeks have proven successful.

I missed the first night of bootcamp on Tuesday. I had to go get a filling refilled at the dentist. Boo hoo. I much rather would have been getting my ass handed to me in bootcamp then a tooth drilled. But I am ready to go for next week.

Each workout is trial and error. I am still trying to find what works the best for me, now, at this age and in the shape that I am in. What worked for me 5 or 10 years ago isn't now, so I am making the necessary changes.

At the gym I have an hour 3 days a week, a little longer on the weekends if I get up early and go. I have a hard time sacrificing family time, so I sneak it in where I can. I know for sure that I want to start getting in 35-40 minutes of cardio, but then that leaves me with 20 minutes for weights. Both are equally important. So, I juggle and find the balance. 35 minutes of cardio, 30 min of weight? a long run 1 day a week? 40 minutes cardio 20 minutes abs? Its all a process. And I am grateful to the blogging community because I have found a handful of very useful blogs that are encouraging, and have workouts already written out. I sure take them and use them :)

Goals for 2013:

I want to get in half marathon shape, I don't know if I want to pay and run one. I am feeling a little anti-organized running right now, but that could change.
I have 25 lbs to drop, and I'd love to do it by my birthday.
Blog more.
Lotsa family and fun time.
Oh, and.... school....

Until next time :)

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