Friday, November 16, 2012


I had big news last weekend and I never got on here to blog about it. LAME!!! I stepped on the scale and weighed in at 161.2, that is almost a 5 lbs loss. And I can feel it. My clothes are already a little bit more comfortable. I've gained back some of my self confidence, and actually went up into the weight room all week instead of hiding out in the woman's only room. (not that it's really hiding out, but I was falling into a pattern of only being in there.... I wanted to branch out). Boot camp has been so beneficial for me. Not only is it super intense, it leaves me sore for days! The trainer who puts this together is so great! He pushes us to the max and beyond. It is just what I need. Now, I'll look at the dumbbells and where I would have normally choses something lighter, I now up the weight. Or, I attempt more cardio (I ran an extra 5 minutes yesterday and almost cried, I was so excited), extra burpees (BARF! Literally!) Or just add cardio spurts into my weight training. I have also attempted Crossfit a few times and am loving that! I like to do that once a week or so, but no more.

So, that was my big news. When I hit the 10lb loss marker, I'll take new pictures.

In other news, last weekend was my first ever ME ALONE WEEKEND! Since Will was born I have not spent time at home alone. I've gone places alone, but that's always with something to do in mind. This was me. alone. no plans! Well, not really. I did have a nice dinner with a couple of girlfriends. I slept in on Sunday until 7:30. You don't understand, that's a HUGE thing as I am normally up by 6 no matter what! I had a nice breakfast with my friend, and over it we discussed the book, Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn. EXCELLENT read if you have not already checked it out. And then I attended a baby shower.

This weekend the old dude is taking off again to go hunt Bambi. And Will and I are prepping for Thanksgiving. How is that NEXT week already!!!!

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