Monday, November 19, 2012

I better get back on the wagon

I had a bad eating weekend. Kind of. Well, mainly I did ok, but I didn't exercise to my full capacitcy last week. Primairly because my bootcamp kicked my ass last week and I felt sore for many days following. I did get some really good runs and weigh lifting sessions in though so it wasn't a total loss. But it is Thanksgiving this week and there will be food and snacks for days.

Will and I went out for dinner on Friday with some friends. I ate a burger and fries and didn't feel guilt. I got up and ran 3.05 miles and lifted weights. Then I had a light lunch and Will and I went to Racine to see a perfromance by the Chineese Acrobats. Kinda corny, but not too bad. Afterwords, I had the ladies in for a Perfectly Posh party. That stuff is AMAZING! After everyone left, my sweet friends from Appleton who drove down for it, and I went to a corner bar for a couple of drinks. I kid you not, we were there for several hours. I had a bloody mary and then 3 beers. Nursing every one of them. Yesterday I felt so gross and hung over. I went to McDonald's for a greasy breakfast. For lunch, I had a meal of movie theater popcorn. I didn't eat a ton and it was certainly not worth the money (or the calories!) I started to not feel well during the movie. Was it the popcorn??? I decided I needed more grease and made a frozen pizza and some bread sticks. Brett came back from hunting and had a bunch of the yummiest donuts left over. I'll be having one today :) I am also on board for a run and lift tonight. Tomorrow I have my outside run and then bootcamp.

Wed we are heading to my Dad's for the holiday. I am doing my own Turkey Trot on Thursday since there isn't one in town. SHAME ON THEM :) So, I'll have to just do home workouts while I am on vacation :)

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