Monday, January 12, 2015

First Week

This week went SO well in some aspects, and not so well in others. The good: My week started off shaky. I wasn't feeling great and had a couple of not so great workouts. Hey, something is better than nothing though. Monday I did some Piyo. It was a Crunch Fitness video I found on youtube. I ate well all day, but then we had a PTA meeting Monday night and I didn't plan a dinner (this is the biggest lesson I've learned this week. I need to plan better). I made popcorn for dinner.... Tuesday I started my new class at the gym. I've taken classes with this instructor before and he's always intense. The class was from 6-6:30 and I wanted to get something in before hand but I wasn't sure if I should run and over do it, then feel beat by the time I get to his class. I decided to spin fo about 25 minutes. I also did make a good dinner and only ate half of what I normally would with this dish. Wednesday was a day of struggle. I got to the gym ready to go. I finally felt better and I had planned to use the stair climber and then do a full body HIIT workout. Well, I got off the stairs and felt like I was starving. Then I felt like I was weak and shaky from being so hungry. I shouldn't have been hungry, I ate well and ate plenty.... So, I ended up riding the bike for another 20 minutes and doing some abs. I hate that I couldn't do the workout I had planned. But when Thursday rolled around, I was at my best. I found a great workout from Muscle and Fitness mag that I wrote up and did and then I ran 3 set of Tabata sprints. Those are KILLER. basically, I warm up with a jog at around 6 (speed), then after 3 minutes I start my first set. It's 4 minutes long of 20 seconds on 10 seconds off. I set the speed at 8 and move it up 2 for each following set. Friday was an off day, Sat I did the same workout again, only added in spin. Yesterday was an off day. Saturday night we got together with friends. I did splurge. More than I realized. I only had 1 beer and a rumchata shot, but I slept like utter crap. I felt tired and sluggish yesterday. Ok, buh-bye all alcohol for a little while. I totally ate like crap yesterday and between that and my not so good dinners, I paid for it on the scale this morning. Positives of the week: Brett has started regularly going to the gym. He is set up with a trainer. And the best of all: He agreed, willingly to take the 21 day body transformation challenge with me at our gym. FINALLY!!!!! My goals for this week: PLAN MY DINNERS! I have a roast in the crock pot right now. I am going to make a veggie and roast some baby red taters. I have most of my dinners planned for the week. Keep eating fruit! I have discovered oranges aren't as bad as I thought! Start my split training again. Working certain body parts with each workout vs full body each time.

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