Friday, January 23, 2015

Week 3

This has been an interesting week. I wasn't as good with my dinner planning as I had been last week. I also pretty much stayed within my calories, yet instead of as many fruits/vegs I ate pretzels and a couple different snacks that are higher calories. When I got on the scale today, I was up 1#. Ugh. But, not to fret. I immediately got back on track. I'd already been to the store last night and loaded up on more veggies for my wraps, and they had strawberries! I was so excited! So today I had my normal yogurt/granola breakfast, and orange and a WW chocolate for snack, then my veggie and turkey wrap. I used a laughing cow wedge for 25 calories vs 60 for my shredded mozz cheese. Then I had a bowl of strawberries and cottage cheese on the side. MMMMMMM I also tried Crossfit style work outs this week. I have to say, I am not a fan. I can see incorportaing them a couple times a week, but not on a regular basis. I am also contributing that to my 1# weight increase. I miss my traditional 30 minutes of cardio and split weight training. So I am back to that on Monday!

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