Saturday, January 3, 2015

Getting down and dirty

Day 2. it's going much better than I thought. And I'm doing a lot of reflecting. I really REALLY hope I can stay on this path because it feels so good. And I am so lucky to have my 2 childhood best friends along side me in all of this. So, a couple of things that I could easily break into 2 posts, but won't. 1. One thing I have decided I HAVE to stop instantly is my social smoking. I used to be a heavy smoker until we decided it was time to have kids. After Will was born I'd buy a pack here and there, and once I started going out with my friends I'd bring the smokes along. If I am drinking I crave a cigarette. But I feel like shit for days after. Even if I've had only a couple of beers. I will still sit and chain smoke. I can't do it. I really hope my son doesn't pick up this habit because it really is a gross one. Not only the smell of smoke, or smoker's breath, but the health affects that it leaves. So, I gave the rest of my pack to Brett and said give these away to someone at work (who is not at the point of quitting. And they're so expensive, I don't want them to go to waste. OOOhhhh the irony!) 2. if you take workout classes what do you look for in an instructor? For the most part, the instructors at my gym are awesome. Today, though I was less than impressed with the spin instructor. To the point of I almost got up and left. She was almost 10 minutes late. WHAT THE FRIG! class starts at 8 and you should be there ready to go by 10 to in my book. Then after sauntering in late instead of getting going, it's a few minutes of slowly getting the music on, getting her bike ready... ect. If it were me I would have started class while getting my own self set up. I had to be done by 8:45 when the class was scheduled to be over, so I left "early" and felt like I kind of got the side eye from her for doing so. I wanted to get in my abs and then get out of there by 9 so we could get ready for Will's basket ball game. Things I look for in an instructor: BEING ON TIME! Being energetic. Knowing your stuff. Sticking with the format. This spin chick had us getting off the bike to do squats. Ok, it's a cardio day I don't want to do lunges and squats. I did them yesterday. I am HERE TO SPIN! I don't usually feel so irritated, but that really got on my nerves today. Ugh, here's to tomorrow. It's REST day!!!

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