Thursday, January 1, 2015

Welcome to 2015

Its January 1! Insane. Last year went by in the blink of an eye!!!! We celebrated by having a family dinner at our favorite Mexican joint here in West Allis. I have been making small cuts here and there over the past week to be ready for the BIG change that's going to happen beginning on Monday. So, I ordered the tacos. They're small-ish. I get ground beef and then it comes with some lettuce, tomatoes and cheese on it. Like a real little bit. I add on just a small amount of Guace and sour cream. I also order the rice because it is OH SO YUMMY. So, it comes with 3. I ate 1.5 and took the rest home. No soda, just water. then we had some friends in for Charades and other games. It was fun, but our kids were all WILLLLDDDDD! That made me a bit nutty, but we still had fun. Everyone was out by 12:30, and I got Will into bed and then read for an hour. Brett had a case of the snores last night. lovely. So I did end up heading down to the couch for some proper sleep, and I slept until 8 am. No thanks to my dog who was mad he had to be kenneled Wed night because there was just too much chaos for him to be milling around. So, at 7:40 he was barking like a maniac. Will slept until 9:30 and Brett until 10. We have had a LAZY day. We got our tree taken down, and lots of cleaning. Then we cheered on the Badgers and then went out for our final burger for a long time. I've decided to challenge myself to NO pizza and NO fast food for 30 days. I know we have a school fundraiser night at a sub place, so we'll do that in a few weeks, and we have dinner plans at a restaurant, not McDonald's. I can do this! I am also off the soda wagon too. I have been just drinking a ton of water, using my soda stream about once a day, and having my coffee with skim milk in the am. Tomorrow, Will and I are meeting a friend of his so they can run around for the day, but when we're done, Trader Joes, here we come!!!!! I have plans to make some good, lean meats for dinner, along with veggies or something. That's my goal, low cal and healthy. Here's to MY year!

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