Sunday, October 14, 2012

Sunday Thoughts

I have decided that I need to do the inevitable and face the scale. AHHHHH. I started a bootcamp class at my gym last week and on Tuesday we are going to be taking our measurements. Maybe if I actually face the scale and take my "before" pictures, I will actually be motivated enough to get my ass into shape. I miss being in shape. I miss my favorite jeans that I refuse to give up because they're 3 sizes too small.

Last weekend I spent time with one of my oldest and most favorite people on the planet. We know her as PP :) PP has been on an incredible journey over the past couple of years. She has dropped weight in a very healthy way and is now sharing in my love for running. Well, the love I used to have, and then one I am trying to get back. Talk with PP has really inspired me to just do it! Just get back into running and go. I love the way I feel when I am done. I need to, however, break the 3 mile mark. In order to do so, I am going to start training for a half marathon. I'd like to do one next fall. I am going to share pictures from my last half marathon that has forever turned me off to organized running in the summer time. The Rock n Sole half marathon in Milwaukee Wisconsin. July 2011. My cousin and friend and I ran it. Well, Joanna ran all of it. Alissa (the most seasoned runner of all of us) ran most and I ran all but the last 5 miles. O.M.G!! It was the worst run ever. And it was partly because the event planners sucked. We were out of gatorade by the 2nd water station (mile 4). It was way to humid and hot to run. And the run didn't start until like 9:30. Generally the longer runs start at 7 or so. People were dropping like flies. It was honestly very scary. I had my phone in my spibelt and pulled off the course once to text my husband and say I was never running again. However, I finished.

The longest run ever! 3 hours to finish. My norm is 2.25!

There you have it. My last half marathon. I am deeming 2013 as my comeback year. Those other 2 hookers have both gone on to run the Chicago Marathon. God! I wish! One day. It's on my bucket list.

Here is a picture from my first and favorite run, the LaCrosse Oktoberfest Maple Leaf half marathon. I seriously cried when I finished. Then I recovered. I had one leg that was seriously twitching for like an hour after the race. And I mean the leg had a mind of its own! Once I recovered, Joanna (pink shorts above) and I went to Del's bar for a bloody mary and then met our families for a parade. I am thinking this will be my comeback run.

Notice my shirt. I am a diehard Andy Samberg fan. I used to wear this at all my races. I gotta support my favorite comedians,, yo!

Anyway, I best get myself changed and ready for a run. Inside. it's rainy and gloomy here.


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