Monday, October 29, 2012

Halloween 2

Will decided he wanted to be a vampire this year. I was kind of glad. Something not so video game specific. He was Luigi last year from Mario Brothers and then also had a huge Thomas the Train obsession. Anyway, those were all cute, but he went a different route this year and had a blast with it! I had fun doing his makeup. It made me think I've missed my calling, ha ha!

He got to wear this costume 3 times, but I forgot my camera all times except for Trick r Treating. Our city is also lame and they do it the Sunday before Halloween. I kind of miss going out on Halloween night. My hometown still does that. It leaves me very jeally.

         Jack, Will and I before we left to Trick or Treat. Brett stayed behind to watch football. LAME!
                                                    My little vampire. Oh so spooky!
                                                       Trick R Treat! Our first stop.
                          Mr. Vampire running off into the night. Well, just to get more candy.

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