Monday, October 15, 2012

I'm going to be in trouble

My husband might be ready to steal my plastic from me. Last night, I felt the need to order a bunch of makeup from Sephoria. Today, I ordered these 2 gems from Ruffles With Love on Etsy.

LMFAO inspired I Workout Racerback Work-out Tank Top

Shut Up and Run Racerback Work-out Tank Top

I think that for so many years I have spent the bare minimum on myself. Yesterday, I took my son to the mall (I never go to the mall, other than Barnes and Noble.) I haven't just strolled around a mall in ages. So long in fact, that there is now a Maurices at my mall. MY FAVORITE STORE EVER! I didn't spend a dime there. Instead I got Will the socks, jeans and sweater he needed. Last night, I decided to splurge on myself. I am also going in for a hair cut on Wed at a new salon. Woot Woot! Stay tuned for the New Me pics.

(I can't wait until I can go clothes shopping. NOTHING until I lose though.)

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