Friday, October 19, 2012

It's Friday Friday Friday!

Rebecca Black's Friday pops into my head every Friday morning. I have attached the video so you can have the same tune running through your head as well :)

It's been kind of a busy week. Kind of, but at the same time not. Yesterday I had skipped the gym because I was meeting someone after work to buy some leapster games for Will for Christmas. It was a bust. I got there and though I had told the woman what kind of a leapster he had, she didn't tell me they weren't compatible. So, that was a half hour wasted. But on the flip side, all my new makeup had arrived, so I got to play around and experiment with that. LOVE IT!

I went in on Wed for a haircut. It turns out the woman who owns the salon (It was a new salon for me) is a fellow scouts den leader who I had just met. So, on Thursday, I got 3 new friend requests on Facebook from new friends I've met through Will's school or scouts. It made me feel very good. I've longed to move back to my small town for a few years now. Now that I am meeting people here, I am no longer feeling that.

Tonight my BFF is coming to town! We have been friends since we met in 7th grade. I love her! She still lives in our home town, and is the one big reason I'd want to move home. Anyway, they will stay with ys tonight and go to the Halloween dance at Will's school. Tomorrow, W and I are going to the bookfair and then he has a football game. I plan to workout in the AM before the bookfair. I am also hoping we can carve pumpkins too.

And this is my pinterest dinner plan for tomorrow. Holla!

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