Friday, October 12, 2012

Working out

I have been an avid runner for years. 2 years ago I decided I wanted to do a half marathon. I signed up for it and started traning. It was an amazing experience and I was so glad I did it. I ended up running 2 more and then lost interest, and had a back injury. I am trying to get back into the runner's groove. I don't know if I will do any more organized runs, but I want to start running for distance again.

So, today I am going to run 3 miles on the treadmill. I've been trying to do that 3-4 times a week. I can't do more than 3 miles for some reason. I lose steam. However, on Sunday I might shoot for 5 and make that my abs day as well.

I've also got my own library of workout materials for putting together my workouts. Cardio, sometimes I run, do sprints, ride the bike... I do a half hour of this. No matter what. Though a trainer at my gym just said I should up that to 45 minutes. With my schedule, though that's hard to do. Whatever, I'll figure it out :)

I use things like Oxygen magazine, Fitness magazine, books, web... whatever I can get my hands on. I also used to workout with the greatest trainer. She is no longer training at my gym, but she always wrote out the workouts for me so I have them stored away too. Most recently I've been using this website, (if this doesn't work let me know). The workouts are fantastic! Lately, I've found I don't like working out in the gym and prefer the woman's only area. They've recently remodeled it to have more weights, bands, and open space. So, until I start losing and get closer to my goal, I am using all the gym toys and less of the stationary weights.

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