Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Taking Care of YOU!

I had a great talk with a good friend of mine yesterday. Our visit led to splurging out ourselves occasionally. Now that we have kids, it seems like we put their needs first (obvi!) but sometimes we let our needs/wants slide for way too long.

Example: I keep buying cheap clothes/makeup for myself and cutting my hair 2 times a year. I have shorter hair that needs to be trimmed every few months. My cheap clothing, I always end up having to return because it shrinks after 1 wash to the point where I can't wear it, or it falls apart. Now, I don't need to be spending a sh** ton on jeans and tops, but I do need to seek out better quality clothes. As for my makeup, I don't mind the drugstore stuff for some items, but as far as moisturizer, baby lotion is just not cutting it for my face anymore. I need to take care of ME! This means putting a little more into my appearance. I work from home, and usually in my pj's. I will take a shower quick after work before I pick Will up from school, or I go right to the gym after work and pick him up at after school care in my sweaty gym clothes. Ok, that's fine. I don't mind people seeing me after I've just killed it in the gym. And I am not saying I need to spend hours getting my hair/makeup/outfit right, but it makes me feel better to spend a little time and a smidge of my hard earned money on me :)

I did go a little crazy and order a bunch of new makeup from Sephoria. I also had a gift card to Macy's and don't necessairly need anything for the house, so I splurged on MAC cosmetics. I do refuse to buy clothing until I fit comfortably into what I currently own.

OH, and for the record, the scouts meeting went just fine last night and I ROCKED it in my uniform :)


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